Dr. mohammed Mustafa

Doctors Information

Doctor Name : Dr. mohammed Mustafa

Category Department of ENT

Nationality: Egypt

Other Information

Diagnosis and treatment:

- All diseases of the nose, ear and throat using binoculars

- Circles of vertigo and loss of balance

- Ear, Nose and Throat Emergency:

1- Extracting a foreign body from the nose, ear, throat and pharynx

2 - bleeding from the nose

3. Ear, nose and throat injuries

Processes :

- Tonsectomy and lactation

- Removal of the appendicitis through the surgical endoscopes

- Partial removal of the cartilage of the nose with surgical endoscopy

- Treatment of chronic inflammation of the sinuses with surgical endoscopy

- Laparoscopic nasal septal evaluation

Repair of broken bones of the nose

- Treatment of cases of snoring surgically

- The process of incision of the eardrum and installation of ventilation tube

- Extracting a foreign body from the nose, ear and pharynx with binoculars